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30 by 30 List – Realistic List of 30 Things to Do Before 30

Looking for ideas of things to do before you turn 30? This realistic 30 by 30 list is full of fun and doable ideas!

Whether you are turning 30 a month from now or 10 years from now, it’s a great idea to start thinking about your bucket list of things to do before that milestone birthday.

Bucket lists are so popular now, and for very good reason.

Lists of goals and things we want to do help us narrow down what’s important to us and give us a roadmap to help us navigate our time here on Earth.

And while there are some huge bucket list items out there that may be worth pursuing (travel the world, make a million dollars), sometimes, a more realistic list is what you are after.

If this is you, then keep reading! I am sharing a realistic 30 by 30 list. Read through it, decide which goals you’d like to add to your own list, and start intentionally navigating your way to 30!

30 before 30 bucket list
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Realistic 30 by 30 List

(we’ve included over 30 items here so you can choose your favorite 30)

Let’s get started….

Take up a new hobby (here’s an ultimate list of hobbies to get the ideas flowing)

Reach out and reconnect with an old friend you’ve lost touch with

Walk (or jog or run) a 5K (or 10K, half marathon or full marathon, depending on your skill level)

Read 5 books in new-to-you genres (for example, historical fiction, fantasy, young adult etc)

Visit a place you’ve been wanting to go

Try a new restaurant with an unfamiliar cuisine

Tell someone important to you how much they mean to you (in person is best, but a phone call or email works too)

Take a hike or walk in a new location

See a live concert

Learn something new (either on your own, or by joining a club or taking classes or lessons)

Learn how to cook something new

See a play, visit the symphony or see an opera

Purchase an ingredient you’ve never tried before and make a recipe with it

Apologize to someone you’ve wronged

Start practicing affirmations (here are some love affirmations to consider)

Start a journal of some sort (I recommend a daily gratitude journal)

Do an act of kindness (hopefully more than one)-one of my favorites is paying for the person behind me at a Starbucks drive thru

Listen to a new and unfamiliar genre of music

Memorize your favorite poem

Clean out your closet, and donate clothes you no longer wear or that no longer fit you

Visit a new state or country

Watch a sunrise

Bake something that intimidates you (i.e. bread or pastry)

Read a classic book

Visit a museum in your hometown you’ve never been to

Create a new cocktail (or mocktail)

Have a no-phone day

Watch a movie in a new-to-you genre (maybe a foreign film?)

Pay off a debt

Plant a garden (a kitchen herb garden in a sunny window counts if you lack outdoor space)

Do a 1000 piece puzzle (or maybe 2000!)

Try a new-to-you sport or physical activity

Forgive yourself for past mistakes

Memorize the list of states in alphabetical order

Read a book of poetry


Donate to a cause that’s important to you

Listen to a podcast on a subject you’d like to learn more about

There are so many simple, realistic 30 by 30 ideas, we’ve only just scratched the surface!

No matter what you add to your list, be proud of yourself that you are taking intentional action to begin to live a better, more fulfilled life!

Did you find something to add your list 30 by 30 bucket list? We hope so!

Leave a comment if we left something out!

Thanks so much for reading our 30 by 30 List – Realistic List of 30 Things to Do Before 30.

Have a great day!