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List of Norse Cat Names

Sharing the ultimate list of Norse cat names! Start here to give your new pet a unique and creative medieval cat name.

As a cat owner, I love the idea of giving my feline pal a unique and meaningful name.

There are so many potential names out there, and it can be stressful to choose the perfect one.

If you are into Norse or Norse mythology, though, there are so many great name options that you may want to consider for your cat!

Let’s talk a little about what Norse means, and then we will get to the Norse cat names!

norse cat names
Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels

What is Norse?

Norse, as defined by Merriam-Webster, relates to medieval Norway or Scandinavia, or the language of its inhabitants.

Medieval Norsemen were known for their mythology: a religion practiced at the time. These stories were used to help them better understand the world around them.

Are Norse and Viking the Same?

The words “Viking” and “Norse” both refer to the Germanic people living in Scandinavia at the time of the Viking Age, and are often used interchangeably.

“Norse” usually refers to Norsemen (people who spoke Old Norse and practiced a pagan religion) who were full-time traders, and Vikings usually refers to people who were actually farmers but were also, occasionally and when needed, warriors led by people of noble birth.

Okay, that’s your history lesson, let’s talk now about what we are all here for–cat names!

Norse Cat Names

Male Norse Cat Names

  • Thor – god of thunder, weather, and crops
  • Odin – highest of the gods; supreme god and creator
  • Torsten-Means the stone of Thor
  • Ull – god of hunting
  • Kvasir – poet and the wisest of all men
  • Agmundr-Means a respectful protector
  • Loki – a trickster god
  • Rolo-Refers to famous wolf for a loyal and fierce pet
  • Gandalf – protective dwarf
  • Borr – father of the creation gods
  • Ve – brother of Odin
  • Troels-Refers to Thor’s arrow
  • Gudbrand-Means weapon of the god
  • Modi – son of Thor
  • Magni – son of Thor
  • Hermod – son of Odin
  • Vili – son of Odin, Giver of reason
  • Sigurd – important Norse god
  • Alf – a norse king
  • Tyr – god of war and justice
  • Sindri – a dwarf
  • Hoor – god of winter
  • Fjalar – a fire giant
  • Austri – a dwarf
  • Geirod – giant and enemy of the gods
  • Gunnar-Refers to a brave warrior
  • Tiki – god of stone
  • Mani – god of moon
  • Njord – god of sailing
  • Alvis – wise dwarf
  • Vidar – warrior
  • Buri – first Norse god
  • Bragi – god of poetry
  • Fitch – god of rule
  • Balder –  god of light and peace
  • Gunnar – warrior
  • Orvar – legendary Norse hero
  • Heimdall – guardian of bridge to the gods
  • Mimir – old Norse god
  • Hoenir – warrior god
  • Andvari – dwarf who guarded treasure
  • Baugi – a giant
  • Garm – hound of the underworld
  • Harbor – mysterious human storyteller
  • Hermodr – messenger of the gods
  • Hler – ruler of the underworld
  • Hugi – a giant

Female Norse Cat Names

  • Freya/Freyja – goddess of love, beauty, war and death
  • Embla – goddess equivalent of Eve; the first woman, made by the gods from a tree
  • Eisa – daughter of Loki, means “glowing embers”
  • Eir – goddess of healing and medical skill
  • Sif – wife of Thor
  • Snotra – high-ranking goddess
  • Tora-Goddess of thunder
  • Astrilde – goddess of love
  • Sigyn – wife of Loki
  • Angrboda – mistress of Loki
  • Skadi – Goddess of hunting and of the winter
  • Hulda – a sorcerer
  • Hilda-Means the fighter
  • Atla – water goddess
  • Hel – Loki’s daughter
  • Verdandi – goddess of destiny
  • Gerd – goddess of fertility
  • Frigg – goddess of the earth, air and fertility
  • Vor – goddess of wisdom
  • Weth – goddess of anger
  • Signe-bringer of victory
  • Joro – goddess of earth
  • Lounn – goddess of youth
  • Brynhild – a maiden
  • Tove – (or Tofa) beautiful
  • Lofn – goddess of forbidden love
  • Hlin – goddess of protection
  • Saga – goddess/source of the world’s saga
  • Sol – sun goddess
  • Gejfun – goddess of chastity
  • Sjofn – goddess of love
  • Var – goddess of agreements
  • Nerthus – goddess of fertility
  • Laga – goddess of a spring
  • Eostre – goddess of a spring
  • Yggdrasil – goddess of life
  • Groa – a goddess of magic
  • Elli – personification of old age
  • Sigrun – a valkyrie
  • Hildr – a valkyrie
  • Fulla – means bountiful
  • Rindr – daughter of a king

Did this help you find the perfect Norse name for your perfect pet? I hope so!

Thanks for reading all about our List of Norse Cat Names.

Have a great day!